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Why Consider A Thermographic Survey

Thermographic Imaging Survey

What is a thermographic survey?

A thermographic survey may also be known as thermal imaging (TI) or an infrared inspection (IR). A thermographic survey uses the latest in infrared technology to see the invisible.

The advanced camera's we use are able detect and visually display any hot spots that may be present at various locations throughout your electrical installation.

A hot spot may indicate that there is a fault, it may be a loose connection or it could be an electrical component which is at the end of its life. A thermographic imaging survey allows these faults to be identified before failure thus allowing for the repair work to take place at a time that suits you.

Another advantage of TI is that is largely unintrusive and will generally not cause any disruption to your business, images are obtained whilst equipment is in use therefore there is no need to shut down any equipment, unlike an EICR when circuits need to be isolated in order for them to be tested.

Case Study

We recently attended a large food production plant who had an unexpected site wide power outage, this was caused by a failing MCCB, which overtime had over heated due to a loose connection, eventually the components within the MCCB fused together and blew the main ACB. The heat generated also had damaged the MCCB panel which had to be replaced which meant the site could not operate for 48 hours. This downtime cost the site over £150k in lost revenue, staff had to be sent home and produce had to be destroyed. The approximate cost of a thermographic inspection of this large site would have been £3,000.

I have had an EICR, why do I need TI?

For industrial/commercial clients we would always recommend a thermographic survey be carried out in addition to an electrical installation condition report as a thermal survey is likely to pick up on problems that may go undetected during and EICR inspection.

I have heard TI is very costly!!

A good quality infrared camera cost several thousand pounds to purchase, however the cost of the inspections themselves are very reasonable. We also offer substantial discounts on TI when carried out in conjunction with an EICR.

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